For my girlfriends who've been very curious about "CLOTH"!

Assalamualaikum! :)) I've been reluctant to post about this because.. well it's normal to feel so! Lainlah kalau ni blog ibu-ibu yang asyik bercerita pasal cloth diapers ke pasal penyusuan ke -_- me? Laki pon takda -_-" but then lately selalu ada girlfriends datang inbox kat FB,.. the questions of how and why. They want to know, tapi kurang sumber. So I think, why not. My girlfriends, this is for you. :) And if it happens that yang baca ni male, u'll have a wife soon insyaAllah, u may already have sisters, so just be cool.

In this post, I'll answer:
1. The questions of WHY
2. The questions of HOW/WHAT etc
3. The list of cp sellers in Malaysia

I'm not promoting any brands so I'll make this as general as possible.

Okeh cuci mata dulu. Mind u, these pics are random (not my stash). Just to give u the idea of what they look like.

Ok dah siap muntah pelangi? lol  xD Whattttt are these?? Looks familiar tapi kenapa warna-warni?

These are cloth pads (cp) and cloth pantyliners! Yes, for menses.

So now.. the questions of WHY.

Why use cloth pads?

1. No more chemicals.
The process of producing disposable pads selalunya guna macam-macam bahan. Dari yang paling basic, which is bleach (to make it white) sampai la yang letak fragrance sekali. Well I bet kalau Google u'll know more about the production of disposable pads, bahan apa dia guna, what chemicals etc. Have u ever wondered why zaman nenek2 kita dulu tak ada pun masalah2 perempuan - u name it: senggugut teruk, period lama, and more serious like endometriosis, cancer etc.. tapi sekarang perempuan muda-muda lagi dah banyak masalah kan. One thing to ponder.

2. Go Green!
This is one of the main reasons why I love this idea of cp-ing. Because I love trees (?) and cactus. eh? Ok just assume we use 20-25 pads per cycle, dalam masa 30+ tahun (contoh general from being a little lady to menopause) we use 8,000-10,000 pads! That's for a person. How many women exist in this world? Habislah landfill penuh dengan sampah kita jeee.. ntah dia degrade ke tak? hihi sori Bumi

3. Save money
Let's do some math. Average cp tahan for 6-7 years, but let's just assume 5 years. 

Disposables (general price):
Pantyliner = RM 15/pack (40 pcs)
Regular (wing)= RM 15/pack (20 pcs)
Night (wing) = RM 30/pack (20 pcs)

= RM 60/ month X 5 tahun = RM 3600/ 5 tahun

Cloth pads (general price):
Pantyliner = RM10 each x 6 = RM60
Regular = RM20 each x 6 = RM120
Night = RM30 each x 6 = RM180

Overall, RM360. Tapi just assume korang tetibe suka shopping lak hihi pastu end up spend RM500 to build your complete stash.

RM500 --> tahan 5 tahun --> RM500/ 5 tahun!

What's the difference?
RM3600 (disposables) - RM500 (cp) = RM3100.

You save RM3100 for every 5 years! :)

That's why para suami amat suka bini dia guna cp lol save duit poket takpayah pikir dah nak beli setiap kali pi Giant


Now, the questions of how/ what etc.

1. Cp diperbuat dari apa?
Mostly cotton! Tapi ada pelbagai fabrik depends on siapa penjual - fleece, minky, flannel, zorb, terry cloth etc.. senang citer semua jenis kain, so no more rasa 'plastik'. Ada yang letak a layer of PUL to make it anti-leak. PUL ni macam water resistant tapi tak macam plastik. Still I consider it as a type of cloth. Very comfortable. Pastu ada plastic snaps to secure it in place. No more sticky surface like disposables.

2. What about sizes?
Macam pad, it comes in heavy/ regular/ light,.. even pantyliners! So depends on flow lah u nak beli banyak mana/ size mana. Every woman is different, embrace the differences :)

3. Howwwwww to wash?
Haa soalan ni famous sekali. Soalan ni jugak yang menentukan orang tu nak guna cp ke tak nak.  If you dah biasa wash ur disposable pads before throwing it in the bin, then it's just the same for cp! Cuma yang ni boleh jemur, then ready to wear again. Ada orang experience stain, ada orang tak pun. Depends, really. On your flow and how you wash. You can soak it first or not, depends. Untuk yang ni I suggest Google cara-cara wash cp. Sooo many tips out there! How to cp-ing while travel etc.. Even ada kat Youtube lol tak caya gi search.. ;) 

yang pastinya kena rajin lah sikit. No problem for me because I love doing laundry hehe


A few info:

1. Cp selalunya dijahit oleh WAHM (work at home moms) so I really love to support local business ^^
2. Cp more breathable, less bacteria, less heat trapped, less irritating. 

3. You'll never run out of pads anymore after use cp lol always in stock
4. I bet 90% who use cp.. won't go back to disposables.. it's a curse!
5. Buying cp can be very addictive because simply they are CUTE

6. You won't believe how many women out there who've healed completely/ have reduced senggugut after using cp! Soo many! And healed from other problems related to women.. Tapi penyembuh tu dari Allah, all these ikhtiar je :)


For my girlfriends, here's the list of local cp sellers (with the link):

Sweet Pretty Stuff
Mama Cloth Pad
Bisky Bosky
Deana Design
Sweet n Cozy
Dydiamond Shoppe (reseller untuk various brands)

FB Group for Malaysian cp user (private group):
Malaysian Cloth Pad & Cloth Pantyliner

International group/ discussion website:
Cloth Pads Live Journal

... dan banyakkkk lagi! Terkejut tak with the fact yang cp dah meluas kat Malaysia? Siap keluar TV dalam news and also Safiyya TV9.. lupa dah ada keluar kat WHI ke tak?

Tu je lah a few things kot that I would like to share. Anything private, inbox or email okay. I'm not selling stuffs, so tak dapat untung pun with this post. I just would like to introduce this to women out there. Go green :)

Phew! What a long post! I wish that helps!

p/s: Some brand, like Snowdrop also offer pads for postpartum (untuk pantang). For mommas out there!

TreeHugger postpartum set

Snowdrop postpartum pad

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